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Manufacturing Real Estate

Today’s manufacturing companies need more than a conventional real estate team; they need a strategic partner capable of understanding evolving needs.

As a leader in a manufacturing company, real estate is a risky assignment. You need to have confidence your team can provide a complete solution. And we’ve built our practice to do exactly that.

We’ve developed expertise and a proven process, specifically for manufacturers, that ensures continuity for our clients and their companies. No more hesitating, losing leverage, and not taking advantage of opportunities.

Today, it’s time to up your real estate game.

The Forte Advantage for manufacturers comprises six steps aimed at ensuring a successful facility move or remodel. It’s about securing your career and company amid a significant business transformation.

The most consequential early decision revolves around your Core Team – the External Team Leadership and Project Leadership – and that’s where we come in. This team, paired with internal executive leadership, will be the beating heart of your success, connecting internal business strategy, project strategy, and infrastructure to bring your vision to life.

Through upfront project definition and planning and ensuring executive alignment, we’ll set the stage for a successful project through an integrated approach, leveraged negotiations, reliable project implementation, and a fail-safe move.

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Our Manufacturing Real Estate Readiness Assessment is the first step in assessing your company’s technical, operational, and financial readiness to make a move.

ASI Medical 12,550 SF

Buyer Rep | HQ Manufacturing

Englewood, CO

Baxa Corporation 105,651 SF

Sale Leaseback | Manufacturing Sale

Englewood, CO

Bell ATM 18,809 SF

Tenant Agency, TI Management | Manufacturing

Centennial, CO

i3Logix 31,500 SF

Buyer Agency | Office Manufacturing Sale

Denver, CO

Baxa Corporation 52,320 SF

Seller Agency | Manufacturing/Distribution Sale

Centennial, CO

Baxa Corporation 105,651 SF

Buyer Agency, TI Management | Manufacturing/Headquarters Purchase

Englewood, CO

Medtronic 138,348 SF

Seller Agency | Manufacturing/Distribution Partial Sale Leaseback

Parker, CO

Sybron Dental Specialties 15,720 SF

Seller Agency | Manufacturing/Distribution Sale | Parker, CO 1.02 Acres | Site Sale | Surplus Land

Parker, CO 1.32 Acres

Somer's Fine Embroidery 34,765 SF

Seller Agency | Office/Manufacturing Sale

Littleton, CO

Ouray Sportswear 78,558 SF + 7,268 SF Expansion

Tenant Agency, TI Management | HQ, Manufacturing Lease

Englewood, CO

Natkin Service 75,679 SF

Seller Agency | Manufacturing

Englewood, CO

Castle Rock Industries 237,875 SF

Sale Leaseback | Manufacturing Sale 

Englewood, CO and Chandler, AZ

Windsor Industries 52,160 SF

Sublease Disposition | Distribution

Englewood, CO

Standex 50,000 SF

Seller Agency | Manufacturing Sale

Northglenn, CO

Closets By Design 17,607 SF

Tenant Agency | Manufacturing / Showroom

Denver, CO

Sheffield Metals 29,503 SF

Tenant Agency | Division HQ

Denver, CO

Ideal Industries 36,125 SF
Tenant Agency | Sublease

San Diego, CO

Ideal Industries 17,466 SF
Tenant Agency | Technical Engineering

San Diego, CO

Comptek 75,000 SF

Tenant Agency | 5G Tower Manufacturing

Aurora, CO

Comptek 75,000 SF

Project Management | 5G Tower Manufacturing

Aurora, CO

New Tech Industries 36,620 SF

Tenant Agency | Metal Roofing Equipment

Aurora, CO

Integra Steel Truss 10,000 SF

Tenant Agency | Steel Truss Manufacturing

Fontana, CA