Did you miss out on 20% – 35% savings on your last lease renewal? Most tenants don’t realize that they shouldn’t just sign the renewal their landlord sent them. With the right leverage, there’s a lot on the table to improve their lease and their space. This is especially true in a declining market, like in nearly every office space in the country.

More than 50% of Forte’s assignments – whether industrial space or office space – include a renew, renew/contract, or renew/expand as one of the options.

Landlords don’t want to lose their tenants: They know you; it may mean significant income downtime; and it likely means a much greater investment in tenant improvement than if an existing tenant invested in a space that largely works for them. 

Negotiating your renewal is also an opportunity for risk reduction. For example, if you decide to sublease your space in the future, is it correctly aligned with the market from a cost and improvement perspective? Was your lease negotiated well last time? If you think you may want changes to your space, you can get them covered by the landlord – and you should.

We help our clients improve the overall economics of renewal deals by up to 35%. Whether our client is in Lenexa, KS; Daytona Beach, FL; Centennial, CO; or Fort Collins, CO, our involvement with your landlord ensures that you get the best deal for your company.

If you have leases rolling in the next 18 – 24 months, don’t just sign the amendment. Reach out to us now about our proprietary lease renewal process and reap the benefits.