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In Denver’s commercial real estate market, we are the hardest working tenant and occupier representatives. Maximize your leverage and save money. It’s the Forte Advantage©

Occupier Representation

We use the term “occupier representation,” because frequently a client is both a tenant and an owner.

Current real estate and debt market conditions, the cost of capital, your own internal metrics, and intended property use will dictate a lease or buy decision. We do the analysis – financial and real estate – to help you make a strategic decision. We also help you manage risk, maintain leverage, and execute your transaction reliably and thoroughly.

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Whether you’re considering a sublease, sale, sale leaseback, or a partial sale leaseback, the goal is the same:

Improve your balance sheet and generate value for your enterprise. A smart, well-executed disposition can help you consolidate operations, improve operating efficiency, outsource key functions, or recover the remaining equity in a declining line of business. We’ll analyze the drivers for your disposition, offer creative solutions, design a plan with achievable goals, and execute the transaction for maximum benefit.

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Renewal Negotiations

A maturing lease is a unique opportunity for tenants to improve their space, lease terms, or lock in new rights.

The more willing you are to move, the greater your negotiating leverage with your current landlord. The market dictates the scale of your opportunity, but the key ingredient for a more advantageous lease is a skilled and experienced advocate. There’s value in allowing the market to do its work – and we will help you use the market to your advantage. We’ll review your lease, advise you on the market opportunity, and negotiate your renewal – or your new lease.

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Sale Leaseback

Can you redeploy the capital locked up in your real estate holdings for greater return?

That’s the question that drives the sale leaseback decision. We’ll do the financial analysis that will clarify a sell or hold decision. If a sale leaseback works to your advantage, we will package your real estate asset and bring it to market in a way that maximizes return.

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Project Management

Not all transactions need a project manager. 

For those that do, we offer a proven process that relies on a team led by a project manager that has fiduciary duty only to you. Our project management team analyzes your needs and budgets for them before we approach a landlord or seller. That gives us better negotiating leverage and minimizes the surprises that can lead to higher costs and missed opportunities.

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Site Disposition

As companies grow and expand into new markets, they can find themselves with surplus real estate sitting on the books.

When this real estate is land, the challenge isn’t selling the site per se. Instead, it’s supporting the buy decision of future occupants on the site and maximizing the sale price. Buyers are rarely interested in owning a site. The goal is to develop the site in a timely way to maximize return on investment. We provide a unique set of skills that includes development underwriting, site development, construction, feasibility analysis, market knowledge, and land disposition experience.

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Whether you’re considering a build-to-suit to own or lease, you need a skilled advocate to manage the process to your advantage.

Creating broad market exposure is critical to the success of any build-to-suit project. The formula for success: preparation, team building, and skillful engagement.

Even the most fiscally savvy companies can sacrifice their leverage when they engage the right professionals at the wrong time — or by choosing a partner whose interests don’t match their own. When you take the time to refine your strategy, map out a realistic project scope, and recruit a team of proven experts, you can realize tangible dividends in terms of better negotiating leverage, lower occupancy costs, and a more advantageous acquisition or lease.

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