Commercial Real Estate Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

From fluctuating demand to unreliable suppliers to volatile materials costs, for most manufacturers, uncertainty is just part of doing business. When it comes to your real estate strategy, though, uncertainty can bring your manufacturing operation to a grinding halt.

That’s why we place such a high emphasis on reducing uncertainty and the risk associated with it – especially for manufacturers. We do that by analyzing in detail your unique property needs, from your manufacturing floor to your MEP (mechanical/electrical/plumbing) requirements. Manufacturing and assembly operations usually need a significant retrofit for the production floor and office space, which likely means a significant Tenant Improvement package.

Early in the process, we’ll assemble an expert team, beginning with a project manager, to clearly define requirements, scope, schedule, and budget before you begin your property search. That way, we manage out risk and avoid surprises during negotiations. By doing our homework upfront, we eliminate the uncertainty that can compromise your negotiating leverage later on.

The fact is, finding the right facility is just one important part of the bigger real estate equation. We’ll also keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Operational continuity – From budgetary planning to move management, we can help you smooth the transition to your new facility in a way that minimizes downtime.
  • Manufacturing flexibility – We are mindful that what we do today sets the stage for the future. Planning now for future growth, contraction, and/or consolidation keeps your options open. We help you find the right balance between your current needs and your future plans.
  • Supply chain efficiency – A smart real estate strategy can make you a better supply chain partner by lowering your operating costs. We can help you anticipate how your real estate decisions will affect your extended network of partners.
  • Demographics – Whether your goal is to retain critical employees or to attract a productive workforce, we’ll provide guidance.

Manufacturing Case Studies

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We purchased the assets of a domestic manufacturing company out of bankruptcy. The company had rejected their lease in the bankruptcy process so we needed to find a new 80,000 sq.ft. facility in a hurry and on a tight budget...

– Ryan Harrington
Partner at Jalex
Holdings, LLC