Real Estate to the Power of Community

Nonprofits or social enterprise don’t get special treatment in a competitive commercial real estate market. They have to contend with the same challenges that their private sector counterparts face in finding the right real estate solution —with the added pressures of accommodating the unique needs resulting from their community focus, core mission or limited financial ability.

Forte Commercial Real Estate has a proven history of helping nonprofits and cohorts find the right property for their mission and budget. We’re also firm believers in the vital role these organizations play in creating a thriving, livable community for businesses and families — and that drives our commitment to this sector.

Like the nonprofits we work with, we also believe in giving back. In fact, we serve on nonprofit boards, committees and commissions ourselves, so we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges these organizations face. We draw on this unique perspective to deliver community-focused solutions.

Board Governance and Executive Function

From the earliest stages of the process, we frame the discussion and support communication between the executive and the board. When we’ve identified the right real estate solution for your organization, we’ll help you make a compelling business case for the decision in terms that seasoned board members will find persuasive. Boards are filled with business people who spend their days evaluating and engineering complex transactions. We get to know what the board wants and what the organization needs and we can help you find common ground. We excel at arming executives and their boards with the data to make fact-based decisions. The result is a real estate solution that balances the organization’s goals and strategic initiatives with market realities.

Mission-Consistent Locating

Each nonprofit has a specific mission, and it needs space consistent with that mission. It needs more than property suitable for day-to-day operations — it may also need to host donors, locate near constituents or employees, or provide clients dedicated space or unique amenities (for example, classrooms or meeting rooms). Nonprofits also need quality space while demonstrating responsible stewardship of donor funds. Finding the space to meet all of these goals takes time and focus that most of our competitors just don’t have.

Beyond the Traditional Buy-vs-Lease Decision

In an environment of high rents, it may make sense for organizations to look at alternatives to a conventional lease or standalone property. We can help you determine whether buying or building your own property is a smarter move – including working with you to find the investors, hire the developers, gain the consensus of your board, and support the capital campaigns that can fuel a custom-tailored real estate solution. We will also assist in the financial modeling of your options for a data-driven analysis of what makes the most sense.

Property Collaboratives

Colorado is known for its thriving nonprofit community, and we specialize in helping these organizations join together to find creative solutions to their property needs rather than going it alone. Through our deep connections in the community, we’re able to connect organizations with complementary agendas and requirements to help them combine their market leverage to find a real estate solution for their mutual benefit – and the benefit of the communities they serve.


At Forte, we value the opportunity to work with mission-focused organizations that devote their time and expertise to enriching our community. Our specialization in the nonprofit sector is one small way we can contribute to that community-minded spirit.

Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery 2,555 SF

Sublease | Gallery

Denver (RiNo), CO

Mental Health Colorado Sublease 4,949 RSF

Sublease | Office 

Denver, CO

Mental Health Colorado 3,279 RSF

Tenant Agency | Headquarters Office

Denver, CO

CM Dance 680 SF

Tenant Agency | Admin & Rehearsal

Denver, CO

EIS Solutions 2,566 RSF

Sublease | Office

Denver, CO

CCDC, YESS Institute & Hemophilia Foundation Cohort 4,949 RSF

Tenant Agency | Nonprofit Cohort

Denver, CO

Colorado Photgraphic Art Center 2,500 RSF

Tenant Agency | Admin & Gallery

Denver, CO

Pasco Building Sale 5,158 SF

Building Sale | Headquarters Office

Denver, CO

At Forte Commercial Real Estate, we rely on one simple rule to guide us through even the most complex transactions: your priorities are our priorities. 


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