Client Testimonials

“In 2012, it became clear that our facility was inadequate to accommodate our growth.

We interviewed two other firms before we made a decision. We selected Dustin, because of his unique and forward thinking approach to lease new space.

Through Dustin’s efforts, we not only stayed in control of negotiations with the various landlords throughout the entire process, we finally had sufficient leverage to prompt our current landlord to negotiate in a way that was in-line with the rest of the market. Prior to that, we felt like the landlord held all the cards. Although it was too late, our former landlord ultimately made an offer that almost matched our deal now.

We couldn’t be happier about the results. First of all, we saved 40% over our previous occupancy costs. By being in control of TI we made huge improvements to our office and manufacturing space and therefore acquired a much more efficient workflow and operating process.

The process that Dustin ran was thorough, rigorous and fully leveraged throughout the process. We would absolutely use him again – I happily recommend Dustin. ”

Emo Pentermann, CEO at Bell ATM Service, Inc.

“ Last year Dustin contacted me to discuss our lease. He outlined a process for us to get the best deal possible whether our intent was to renew or move. He also identified that it was highly likely that there was a big opportunity if we negotiated with our current landlord more aggressively and he was right.

At the time we had a significant issue with odor from our neighboring tenant, our office space hadn’t been updated since we moved in, there were quite a number of maintenance problems and it was clear in our conversation that we had been overpaying compared to the market. Through Dustin’s process and the leverage he brought to the table, we saved more than 30% in occupancy costs including tenant improvements, all of the maintenance and odor issues were resolved and our office is improved to an extent that we’re all much happier to go to work every day.

I definitely would recommend Dustin to anyone looking for good advice, leverage and follow through. ”

Scott Schoenbauer, General Manager at Alumicolor

“ We burned through several other Commercial Realtors before we found Dustin. He was a breath of fresh air. ”

Steve Rohacz, Owner of Satellite Operations, LLC

“Dustin and I have worked together on transactions for more than a decade. Assignments have ranged from due diligence assignments to Tenant Improvement projects to Build-To-Suits, a campus - locally and nationally. So, I have a first hand experience on how he approaches transactions and how his process serves his clients' best interest.

One big difference that I have noticed, is Dustin always brings me in early in the process, with a clear strategy and direction. His focus is always understanding the transaction more thoroughly, including detail knowledge of the budgeting, scheduling and construction process which allows the very best negotiations (keeping that expertise on his team) and results in creating more leverage and safety for his clients. By the time he has issued RFPs, he knows what's possible, the full budget and scope is clear and he can knowledgeably negotiate and control the process for his client.

Dustin's knowledge of the construction and development aspects of the deal is a huge benefit to his clients. His process allows my team to be even more effective, has resulted in incredible savings for his clients and has created far more predictable outcomes.

He is uniquely thorough in the representation of his clients interests, in his ability to create leverage for his client and in his execution of the transaction. His performance ensures the client is successful and that we are too.

Without hesitation, I recommend Dustin and look forward to the opportunity to work together again ”

Pj Danehy, Owner, danehy development advisors

“Recently, I was lead executive for the planning and execution of a 64,000SF office headquarters project.....

We received excellent advice leading up to the decision to consolidate our headquarters operations under one roof. Dustin’s advice influenced our budgeting and supported alignment in our Executive Leadership team around our course of action and goals for the project.

Dustin is able to communicate clearly and effectively at every level of our organization from operations manager to CFO to CEO and has relevant substantiated advice in every instance. His ability to interface with our internal project team and provide vision and leadership to the structure and members of our external team meant that our planning and negotiations were always very well informed, actionable and in our control.

Dustin is able to bridge the operational needs of our organization and project team with the financial goals of the company and he effectively mediated and translated those goals into action.

He continually maintained leverage among our target buildings. The level of clarity we had of the negotiating terms, EBITDA impact and construction budget meant that we were able to negotiate aggressively and confidently, knowing that we had multiple, mature alternatives to the negotiations. The result was a lease and construction budget that not only met, but exceeded the goals of the project.

It's clear that Dustin’s focus is squarely on the best interests of the organization and the internal members in charge of the project. The structure, planning and substantiated advice we received gave us options, certainty and clarity throughout the process.

Dustin’s broad knowledge of the financial, construction and market aspects of the deal and his ability to communicate effectively makes it possible for me to whole-heartedly recommend him.”

Jim Morphew, VP, Information Technology at Baxa Corporation

“We burned through several other Commercial Realtors before we found Dustin. He was a breath of fresh air.”

Steve Rohacz, Private Investor

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“I have worked with Dustin since 2007 while he was employed by another firm and since he started his new firm. We’ve worked on 5 different transactions including an expansion and renewal. We continue to work with him today.

Our continued relationship with Dustin is rooted in his ability to provide detailed and substantiated advice, maintain leverage in our negotiations, transact more simple deals getting to the best market economics and his ability to organize a larger team and provide vision and leadership on more complicated transactions. He’s knowledgeable about our firm and what we need.

He substantially improved the economics of a larger renewal we worked together and has showed an ability to provide a strong level of service and leadership at a local level and nationally. We’ve found it helpful working with Dustin around the country because we know the negotiations will go well and we get consistent advocacy wherever we go. And, he substantially reduces our ramp up time and risk in remote offices and new markets.

I confidently recommend him.”

Terry Bates, Chief Operating Officer at Imprints Wholesale

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“We purchased the assets of a domestic manufacturing company out of bankruptcy. The company had rejected their lease in the bankruptcy process so we needed to find a new 80,000 sq.ft. facility in a hurry and on a tight budget. To complicate matters we needed a building with the right amount of office space, manufacturing space with high power needs as well as distribution and warehouse. Dustin jumped in fast and furious and led a very thorough search process. Most importantly Dustin was able to provide all of the leadership and infrastructure to manage our search, landlord negotiations, tenant improvement buildout and move process. We didn't know we needed one but Dustin helped us identify and hire a project manager to manage several million dollars of building improvements and our entire move across town. This decision was critical to our successful building selection, on-time move and saved us at least $300,000 in hard costs. Dustin is more than a commercial real estate broker, he brings strong analytical and leadership skills to the table and is always searching for creative solutions. I hope I’m never part of moving an 80,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility again but if I have to I will be calling Dustin Whistler.”

Ryan Harrington, Partner at Jalex Holdings, LLC

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