The Company Behind the Name,
and the Name Behind the Company

Can a name really tell you anything about a company? We think so. We chose ours carefully. We wanted it to represent exactly what we offer and why companies choose us.

Forte is an interesting word. It’s defined as a person’s expertise or something at which they excel – their unique skill. It’s also the strongest part of a sword or foil blade, like the type used in fencing.

Strength. Expertise. Skill. Our clients tell us that’s what they look for in a real estate expert. They want a reliable partner that's skilled at reducing risk and removing uncertainty. They want someone who’s an expert on the real estate market and at maximizing their leverage. And they want someone who’s a tough negotiator on their behalf (that’s where the fencing analogy comes in).

Some people call a forte a “core competency.” We just think of it as our job. And we like the way it sounds. It's much better than “Core Competency Commercial Real Estate.”

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The Way We Do Business

These days, it’s trendy for companies to talk about their values. We think an organization’s values should show through in the way it does business, not what it says. But in order for you to hold us accountable, we want you to know a little about the principles we strive to uphold:

  • We work for the client, not the deal. Being part of a long-term relationship is more valuable than a one-time transaction.
  • We don’t pat ourselves on the back for treating clients and partners with respect, because respect should be a prerequisite for any interaction, business or personal.
  • We’re in business to create value and wealth for our clients and ourselves. That means doing things right and not cutting corners.
  • Sound real estate decisions don’t have to come at the cost of the environment, the community, or aesthetics.
  • What we do today sets the stage for what we’ll do tomorrow.
  • Predictability, reliability, and transparency are the outcomes of smart planning, budgeting, and scheduling.
  • Aggressiveness is good. Ruthlessness is bad.
We know that what our clients say about us means a lot more than what we say about ourselves. We encourage you to ask them about the way we do business.

What clients are saying...

We burned through several other
Commercial Realtors before we found Dustin. He was a breath of
fresh air.”

– Steve Rohacz
Private Investor